Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set: smart eat-‘n-learn cutlery for your little ones.

Children’s Cutlery Set has been developed for stubborn little toddlers, who just love to do everything (yes: EVERYTHING!) all by themselves, including eating. This children’s cutlery set is especially intended for those kids who just cannot wait to show Mom and Dad their newly acquired eating skills. With most of the regular cutlery, spaghetti usually ends up hanging from the ceiling, your peas roll behind the couch, and rice winds up inside your toddler’s romper. With Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set all meals will actually end up in your toddler’s mouth.


  • Benjamins Children's Cutlery Set
    Benjamins Children's Cutlery Set
    € 14,95
  • Benjamins Children's Cutlery Set Left-Handed
    Benjamins Children's Cutlery Set Left-Handed
    € 14,95
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