Benjamins Children's Cutlery Set

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Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set is shaped rather differently in comparison to other children’s cutlery:  it is fully adapted to your child’s movements. The set consists of a curved little spoon and a pusher. Most kids will automatically master holding this cutlery set properly. However, not like us adults would, but by using their little fists: their left hand holding the pusher and the other one holding the spoon. Now both Pusher and Spoon start moving closer to each other across the plate and…catch a bite to eat! This specially-designed spoon makes feeding your toddler no longer a problem, as they can now easily bring it to their mouths.

That’s how children grow! Not only will they start learning to feed themselves better, but their confidence will also start to grow. A top quality present!

Material: stainless steel / Dishwasher safe / Dimensions (length): 13 cm or 5 1⁄8 inch.

Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set: super smart cutlery set for your little ones.

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